Bow Bags

Three Piece Bow Bag

This case is designed to carry 3 piece take-down recurve bows. The bag is made from the same leather that is used to build saddles. It will last a lifetime. Carving can be of any animal or bird. Or, as in this bow case, I can do a portrait of a prized animal you have harvested....this case has a carving on both sides..on one side a Moose and the other a Kudu with added inscription on the interior. Each case is fully lined with a sythetic lambs wool, included limb socks, and comes with a full zipper. And, of course, my life-time guarantee. Colors are saddle tan (shown) or dark brown. Black can also be done but it is not suggested.

Cases for 3 piece take-downs start at $450.00 with no carving.
Call 615-351-5220 for pricing.

2 piece longbows cases start at $400.00






One Piece Bow Bag


This bag is custom made to fit one piece bows, recurve or long bow. Made of heavy weight chap leather with tooled leather overlays. The bag is fully lined with synthetic lambs wool which will not collect moisture like real lambs wool. This also offers plenty of cushion protection for a bow. The center overlay can be carved and tooled with any animal or bird. The end overlays offers added bow tip protection. Handles are hand made of saddle skirting leather. It comes with a solid brass zipper. (Bow measurement is required.) The actual color of the leather may change slightly from bag to bag.


The bag as seen in photo with carved and painted deer,
basketweave tooled reverse side lists for......... $550.00


Without the carving and tooling $400.00
Call 615-351-5220 for pricing.

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